Sabrina in Artist

Sabrina works on a painting but takes obvious joy in smearing red pigment over her butt. Can’t blame her what a behind on this erotic nude! We’d help her with the smearing if she said, “go-ahead!” ;) Taking down her body suit, Sabrina teases with her dark-eyed flirty smile and flicks at stiff dark nipples, the classic “pencil eraser” type. Soon she’s using the pallet and brush and her hands to cover herself with paint. She paints rain clouds on her tummy, and presses hand prints on her tush. Then she sits and spreads her legs wide, showing us the rich color of her pussy. It’s softcore erotica, yes, but ohh it is HOT! Flat on her back, she’s a living painting awash with color as our camera sways above with mellow jazz on the soundtrack. By the end you’ll feel it’s definitely time to have sex with Sabrina!

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