Model name Karin S

Karin S

Karin has a quiet, thoughtful way about her, which is probably reflected in her love of documentary films; a certain reserve that we like to imagine only disguises the fact that she can be anything BUT reserved when she’s with the right partner! Study her nude photos and watch her erotic video and...imagine!

Age Debut: 21
Measurements: Bust: 93 Waist: 61 Hips: 93
Weight: 58
Height: 173
Turn Ons: Dark skin
Favorite Food: Ukrainian
Favorite Movie: Documentaries
Hobbies: Travels
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Shoe Size: 37
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Turn Offs: Untidiness
Favorite Music: Rap
Dreams: To have a lot of money

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Karin S Oct 06, 2018

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Karin S Oct 06, 2018