Alisa Milos in Forest Road

Wearing a bright yellow and red summer frock, Alisa Milos walks barefoot down a quiet shaded forest road, surrounded by tall trees gorgeously edged by the sunlight filtering through. This erotic beauty shows us her delectably firm breasts with light nipples, and her pussy with a gentle sprinkling of pubic hair. Shedding her dress and sitting on it in the middle of the dusty path, Alisa almost looks like wood nymph tempting a traveler: our camera looks down at her in the road for a long moment, and then lowers to watch as she caresses her thighs and cheeks and shows us her dark pussy and the tight rosebud between her buns; giving us a doggie-style pose on her knees, just inviting our fantasies of worship and penetration...before getting up and, with a smile, walking off into the forest, her bare bottom lingering in our minds!

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