Bree H in Cooking

Something is definitely cooking when raven-haired Bree H. hits the kitchen! On all burners! This girl is just so sexy in a quiet way. She already looks good enough for a feast while she’s still dressed in her sweet two-piece blue halter and skirt, but when she strips nude and begins to cover herself in flour, the scene becomes over-the-top arousing. All Bree does is play with flour, mind you, with a friendly expression throughout as she rubs the dusty white stuff on her pretty boobs, pink pussy, and plump ass, laying back, bending over, and best of all, splaying herself naked on the floor, her hair spread out beneath her. Look for two great closeups, one of her mouth and one of her amazing dark brown eyes they really create a feeling of warmth, intimacy, and desire in this softcore erotic video masterpiece!

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2076 days ago

So satisfying seeing such a beautiful woman covered in flour!