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Clarise in Mirrors Room

There’s something knowing in Clarice’s playful eyes that suggests maybe she had a wild night, and this erotic video was made the morning after. She looks like she wants the wildness to continue and oh yes, we are game! Dropping her towel, she shows an amazing bottom, with two dimples above it which the ancient Greeks worshiped as a sign of true beauty! Clarice sits on her towel, plays with her hair, runs her red-polished fingertips over her shaved pussy, and arranges herself in ways to show us more of that spectacular butt, before moving on her dark-polished toes into the bathroom where she studies her image in the mirror, presses her rear against a glass door, then splashes water on her bottom, her pussy, and teasingly flicks drops at us too. What’s this blue-eyed stunner’s story? We definitely want to see Clarice again on Erotic Desire!

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