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Dakota in In the Wood

Dressed in a frilly red frock which shows off her sensuous shoulders, Dakota is on a blanket in the middle of a forest of high trees, enjoying a solo picnic. Her pretty feet are bare; she drinks sangria out of a large glass. The way she looks around, the expression in her eyes changing from amusement to curiosity, makes her exceptionally sexy—and this is even before she takes off that dress! Once she does, we feel the magnetic pull of attraction to her every curve, aroused by the slope of her firm bottom, the flowery lips of her shaved pussy...even the way she picks up the bottle and pours herself some more wine is exciting. Then she turns playful and charmingly toys with a couple of pine cones she’s found. Her erotic video really sets off the desire to lay next to Dakota and get to know her better!

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847 days ago

I love this model. She's lovely and stunning at same time. I'd love to see her in kinky-fetish outfits.