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Elina de Leon in Passion Picnic

When we first see Elina de Leon, she wears a blue summer frock and braids her long dark blonde hair. Quickly, though, she lowers the bodice and lifts up the hem, revealing her pierced nipples and mostly shaven pussy (except for a little landing strip of pubes). It’s clear in her yearning blue eyes that erotic beauty Elina is hungry for a climax and she rubs her pussy immediately, caressing her small breasts and sucking her fingers. She seems almost desperate to cum, as if it’s been a real long time, or she’s thinking of a favorite lover whom she hasn’t seen in ages; and she squeezes her thighs with one slender hand even as she digs deeper into her pink hole. Sighing and panting in a scene full of desire, even biting her knee as she masturbates, nude Elina finally explodes before falling back into a flushed, contented rest!

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