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Genevieve Gandi in View Point

A classic tune plays on the soundtrack and we see Genevieve Gandi under a tree, relaxing on a picnic blanket high over the river. Her viewpoint is of nature’s lush green vistas; our viewpoint focuses on her! It’s hard to pull our eyes away for a single moment as this erotic beauty takes playful selfies before peeling off her loose red top and snug blue denim short-shorts. The bright red of her lipstick, panties, nail polish, and even her smartphone create such a sexy feeling combined with her honey blondeness; then when we finally get huge closeups of her bare nipples and smooth shaved pussy, it’s powerfully arousing. Genevieve is into sensual nude art posing, giving us nice eye contact now and then as she clearly enjoys the feeling of our admiration of her allure!

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