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Izabella in Reading

Friendly and gorgeous Izabella likes to read, but sometimes when she finds the perfect isolated outdoor place for that, she gets a gentle breeze blows, she sits on a blanket under trees near a river, and thumbs through a volume. But soon maybe because of something she’s read? the honey blonde doffs her pink summery dress and caresses herself, rubbing her crinkly big nipples between her pink-polished fingertips, then moving the other hand down to her shaved pussy. The pages of her book are temporarily forgotten as she masturbates, first on her back, then sitting up, then on her side so that we can see her lovely bottom. Into her pussy her finger goes deeply...she keeps rubbing her clit...until finally she finds relief, gently, pleasingly. With a final smile at us, she returns to her book...and we watch this erotic video again! ;)

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