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Jasmine Jazz in Spring Flowering

Walking in a forest glade in her pretty pink frock, Jasmine Jazz picks flowers and inhales their sweet fragrance. But the opportunity for some outdoor self-love is too great to pass up, and soon she’s spreading a picnic blanket on the grass in the privacy of the trees and making herself, well, naked! Off comes the dress, freeing this erotic beauty’s lovely titties to the air, then she lays back and slides aside the mint green lace panties which cover her dark, shaved pussy. Jasmine moves her French-manicured fingers down there and quickly forgets all about the flowers, as she attends to the plush one between her thighs! She even stands at one point, holding onto a branch of a tree, but she never stops rubbing until finally she hits that spring flowering that a girl can only feel herself, in the intimacy of her core!

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