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Kay J in Apple Garden

Imagine going apple-picking and seeing Kay J wander through the orchard, her brown hair streaming to her bare shoulders, her big eyes looking around, her mouthwatering boobs bobbling under the overall straps, her puffy nipples peeking through! Would you remember to pick any fruit? We wouldn’t. We’d probably just sit down and watch Kay as she played with the apples in her basket, not biting them but holding them...maybe like we wish she’d hold some round things of ours!! ;) Oh what a pleasure it would be to see Kay take down those blue denims and stand in the middle of the orchard, this amazing sweet nude girl, caressing herself lightly. And then to see her on the ground, showing her pussy...well, we CAN view this daydream in her erotic video and pictures! How do you like them apples, as the saying goes? We like ‘em just fine! ;)

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