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Lean Dey in River Sunset

You’ll indeed feel sweet stirrings of erotic desire rise in you as Lean Dey stands in the warm sunset on the bank of a river. The brunette beauty, barely out of her teens (she’s twenty) seems so relaxed as she tugs on her blue frock, showing us her pretty pink-lace-trimmed blue and white polka panties, then sliding down the front to reveal her big breasts. Those boobs are seriously mouthwatering! Music sets the laid back tone; in the distance a boat glides across the water; and our sensuous glamour model soon gets herself completely naked. The stimulating power of softcore nude art photography is really strong here, as Lean just smiles winningly, shows us her lovely body, sitting down at one point to spread her legs and let us peek at her pink pussy; and then standing up and spreading her cheeks to reveal a most charming rosebud!

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