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Li Moon in Shower Time

Greeting us in steel blue lingerie, Li Moon rubs cream over her cleavage and bottom, then bares her soft breasts and shaved pussy. Her wholesome look draws us into her orbit as much as her lovely body does, and soon she’s in the shower where the spray gives her skin a reddish glow. Watching this gorgeous erotic model rub her pink-polished fingers over her smooth tummy is very arousing! Li Moon doesn’t masturbate, but with an innocent air just lets us ogle and ache for her. Next she lifts her crotch so we can see her plump mound gleaming from the water. Her long wet hair becomes a forest of dark unruly curls against her back in a stunning nude art photography image! When she finally turns off the shower, Li Moon wraps herself in a big white towel. Where is she going next? Ohh we wanna come along!!

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824 days ago

I love her. Thanks!