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Malena Fendi in Playful Mood

Malena Fendi is in bed reading a magazine, dressed in a black cutaway bra and panty that really set off her black hair, dark brown eyes, and pink mouth. Gorgeous yet restless, she looks at us through her long lashes and is soon tossing a pillow up in the air as she kneels on the gray comforter. In a stylish move facing away from us, the erotic model takes off the bra, but then soon she’s restless again, on her back or on her tummy, wiggling her bottom, hugging a pillow, just moving, moving, the music on the soundtrack matching her motion and almost encouraging her playfulness. Malena is right here, showing us her all, eventually her shaved pussy too, and that cute butt again...but this nude girl seems elsewhere in her mind as well, a mystery, naked yet not naked, turning us on but forever making us wonder...

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