Mikki in Soft Light

A nice little trip into Mikki’s world of desire! From the moment she opens the door to her bedroom, standing before us in her white satiny chemise, Mikki invites us in with her body, eyes, and smile. She quickly shows us her pink pussy and caresses it but this scene is more about how agile and graceful Mikki is as she takes off the lingerie and moves in the sheets. Accompanied by lively, sexy music in this erotic video, the lithe nude girl writhes around and gives us many good poses that set off a most pleasant buzz of horniness in us! Whether she’s kneeling doggie style against the bed or laying back completely naked and spreading her legs wide so that we can see from the bottom of her soft soles to the tips of her nips, Mikki makes us want to jump right into the sheets with her!

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