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Mila Azul in Sweet Life

It’s easy to see why Mila Azul has been so popular as a glamour model and is making inroads in the fashion photography world too. Charismatic as well as gorgeous, she greets us topless, enjoying a colorful all-day sucker as she lounges in a black filmy skirt, red striped thigh high stockings, and red high top the coolest chick in the neighborhood! But Mila doesn’t put on any airs. This erotic beauty’s fun and flirty, licking her lollipop, caressing her shaved pussy, dropping her skirt and moving in front of the windows oh the neighbors must have gotten an eyeful! When she’s closest to the glass, we can best appreciate the amazing allure of her body as the light falls on the perfect shape of her bottom, complete with two little dimples above the cheeks, classical markers of feminine beauty. Thanks for paying us a visit, Mila! :))

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