Mona in Sunday Morning

Mona relaxes on a Sunday morning, looking out at the sunshine while standing before us barefoot in her green lacy teddy. Enjoying a cup of coffee, this erotic beauty gazes off with a penetrating expression in her striking green eyes, then she peels down the teddy part way to show us her small but lovely breasts. She has a nice smile as she unhurriedly teases us with the lingerie still half on her body, until she finally leans over the table where she’s been playing with her laptop, and slides the garment down her butt and off. We see her shaved pussy, her light tan lines, and the pink wetness in her lips. There’s a great overhead shot while she stretches out on her chair and we see the slender sensuous lines of her body, while a musician’s voice on the soundtrack keeps saying under the beat, “Jazz, jazz...” Just feel the desire!

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2196 days ago

She is so beautiful and got such a beautiful and gorgeous body