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Sade Mare in Flexible Girl

“Flexible Girl” is a perfect title because Sade Mare is definitely that! This gorgeous brunette nude model lifts her legs ballerina-style almost from the first moment we see her in a doorway, but then it’s the way she stretches and writhes across a bed in the rest of the softcore video that showcases the nimble grace of her slender and alluring body. There’s something about her red-lipsticked mouth that calls to mind the great 1940s Hollywood star Gene Tierney, and when you combine that with the way Sade moves, arching her back, sticking up her butt, or just leaning back and caressing her shaved pussy while her amazing nipples stand up firm and proud you get a truly memorable gal who will definitely get you stirring with erotic desire! At the end Sade poses in silhouette against picture windows and it’s a spectacular sight.

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