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Sasha W in Picnic

Into a vast field on the edge of a distant city comes Sasha W., carrying a picnic basket, wearing a black halter and blue jean cutoffs. She settles down for an escape from the rat race that the city symbolizes...she plays with the leaves on a tree, then takes off her top and shorts and relaxes on her blanket. Sasha has a yearning look in her dark eyes, almost as if she’s searching for something...there is a thoughtful way she holds an apple, or bites into a cupcake that goes beyond glamour photography one point she kneels in a doggie style pose, showing us her shaved pussy and snug rosebud, but it feels as if she’s waiting for a certain someone to come there and fill her deeply...soon she licks and bites on a banana. What is Sasha waiting for? We wish we were there to give this erotic model what she needs!

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