Sybil A in Juicy Colors

Lovely early morning indeed as Sybil, wrapped in a towel, looks at herself in the mirror. She’s just washed her hair and taken a shower, but there is some unfinished business: to drive us wild! ;) She drops the towel off her sweet breasts and splashes water there, letting it running along her nipples just as our tongues would if given the opportunity...eventually the towel comes off completely, and she splashes water on her firm bottom. The “juicy” colors referred to in the title must be partly the pastels of the bathroom walls plus the red flush that comes into our faces when we watch this delectable nude girl sit down on the floor and rub her shaved pussy! She eventually settles on the sunlit sill of the bathroom window, where as the faucet pours water into the sink, she continues to pleasure herself into the fade-out!

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