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Yarina in Through the Glass

We meet Yarina as she stands before us in a gorgeous black negligee with satiny green trim and black ankle strap heels. Her stunning long-lashed green eyes, full sensual lips, and graceful hands with metallic nail polish immediately tug us into her personal erotica orbit, as she reveals herself bit by bit through the lingerie: her hard nipples and her dark shaved pussy with a little landing strip on top. Leaning back on a chair, she plays with the negligee until she finally stands and takes it off, tossing it at the camera with a knowing smile...then we see Yarina naked on the glass table, taking off her shoes and showing us her pretty feet with red toenail polish. She lays back and lifts her crotch off the glass, displaying it in all its bare glory. Yarina’s a softcore nude model we hope to see more of soon!

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