Zara in Home Alone

A stressful day for Zara, and the glamour model wants to put all it behind her. In her pink bra and panties, she gets playful ideas into her head, and decides to take the edge off with a little masturbation before maybe going out later. Smiles play across her face as she takes off her bra, caressing her hard nipples, slipping her fingers underneath the panty. She tugs the lacy crotch into the groove of her shaved snatch, but soon enough the panty is off and she rubs herself, moving around the white sheets. When she spreads her cunny lips and digs deep into her wetness, we see that her nail polish color just about matches the pink of her pussy! Then, whether on her knees or back or just laying on her tummy, Zara’s fingers go straight for the pleasure she requires in these very erotic photos and video!

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